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submitted by Bear Paw on 20..2004 at 18:48:58

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carmen braun on 23..2003 at 20:09:43

Good evening,

I would like to introduce myself to you, my name is Bear Paw. I am living in the UK now and I would like to lecture on my heritage. Below is a letter that I have mailed to several Universities and Colleges. I have a lot to give, I just need a venue to deliver what I know.

Thank you and Dream well
Bear Paw (Paul)

Bear Paw

23 North Lodge Terrace

Darlington DL3 6LZ

Home – 01325-463441

Mob - 07833-976020 Website

To whom it may concern

I am Native American and Irish and I hold citizenship and passports to both the USA and to Ireland. I now live in Darlington and I do have my National Insurance Number in England to work.

My indigenous heritage is French Canadian Abenaki, a branch of the Algonquin Nation. I have lectured a little on Native American Ancient Wisdom here in the Northeast mainly for charity and as a tester to see if there is an interest in the Ancient Wisdom…and there is definitely a very large interest in the subject matter.

Most of the talks to date have fielded groups of between forty-to-eighty plus with class time spans of one + hours to whole day workshops.

Native indigenous are taught from birth that they are dreamers and that they can create… to create the Native has to be one with everything, everything that their five senses can experience and everything that their five senses cannot fathom. As a Native dreams he/she becomes a hollow bone, a conduit between all that is seen and all that isn’t seen.

To do this the Native has to live a life of no past and of no future, his/her only existence is now. To ensure his/her position of living in the now the Native will continually turn around and meet his/her shadow when they feel a resistance to what they wants in life. There cannot be any past life left unresolved…for instance there cannot be any hurt little Paul’s running around.

The life of an Indigenous is rooted in truth and an unshaken belief in their ability to dream life reality. Life as an Indigenous is easy almost childlike in wants and wishes, what he/she wants they get…it is their beliefs.

What an Indigenous is, is too vast to describe, but what humanity is, is easy to describe. Humanity as we know it is boggled down with their past, a past they self-flagellate themselves over daily…this is why humanity cannot dream their life properly.

I offer many topics all of which can fill a designed course span of ten to sixteen weeks. I am not about dancing, rattles or drums…what I offer is why the drums, rattles and dancing is done…the inner knowledge.

What is behind the structure to make such a belief so believable, can life be created by a wish and a whim? How does the indigenous focus to create their reality? Is life co-joined thought…the indigenous never knew that concept they just know they talk to all life with their mind? Physics Laws are based on “all reality is co-joined thought!”

The indigenous knew that the physical five senses receive energy and vibrate…they knew that the eyes don’t see…they perceive the talking of the mind.

Physics and Medical science state the eyes perceive geometric shapes of varying colours and vibration rates…this knowledge in a nanosecond is passed along the optic nerve to the rods where it is then blasted like a gun onto our intellect to form reality…the aforementioned shapes are thoughts.

The indigenous have known all this for forty thousand years; medical science has only begun to quantify what the indigenous knows or I should say…knew.

I can qualify Physics, Psychology and life all in Ancient Wisdom, you have only to call or write, I will be more than willing to stand before you and many others to qualify my presence and syllabus of life, which I offer to teach for your College. I do realise that my teaching can never be an accredited course but it sure will be fulfilling.

I will bring my own handouts, which only need to be copied. I will bring my knowledge of why Women are the most important person in the indigenous world, why children’s spirits should never be broken, why and how we can create with a simple want and wish and why humanity should heal their past in order to live in the “now”.

As a society we cannot live within restraints, demoralizations and fear, we are far past the point of return to the old ways because of the aforementioned inflected upon us by a world to paranoid to live as one; one, not in a world government but in oneness to each other. Respecting each other’s differences is a start but not the answer; the answer is in living life without the negativity that prevents us from respecting our neighbours and then us.

Aho…(this is a word of honour and respect) this word is said with a hand high and the head lowered…this I say to you because I know you know what is in my heart.

Again, I present to you subject matter that will complementally bring accreditation to several course you run even though the course I offer is not an accreditation-able course…sorry for the play with words…but it is true, some universities unofficially suggest that students of certain studies such as Anthropology, Sociology, Quantum Physics and any Indigenous study program take these types of courses.

Below are small lists of people who have booked talks, some I have spoken at already and some are events forthcoming.

Mavis Fielding - 01642-816055

70 Rockcliffe Road

Linthorpe, Middlesbrough TS5 5DN

Carol Spooner

4 Dunelm Court

Spennymoor DL16 6XW

Ann Segger

I am sorry I lost the address

01609 – 770225

Linda Howson

5 Ferndale Close

New Marske

Redcar TS11 8JQ

01642 – 489530

Paula Butler

23 Marion Street

Sunderland, Tyne and Wear


0191 - 5675404

I am speaking July 3rd and 4th at England’s National Yoga Festival being held in Durham

Once on the site click on activates on the menu and click on Festival weekend events.

Barry Garnett
40 Yiewsley Drive
Co. Durham
Tel. 01325 482391

My website is:

Please do enjoy and I am looking forward to talking with you…click onto my website and enjoy.


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