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Posting a poem here--it's kinda like publication

submitted by Nathan on 01..2004 at 12:31:03

Just thought I'd take up the practice of posting poems here, as some of the kids have been doing.

Promotional Material

(A poem for two voices)

Explore Furtherworld, the museum and park passed on through rituals alone.

my feet glow from walking under the sun

In 1888, two cowboys looking for stray cattle came across the infinite beauty of the universe.

my hands glow from the work Iíve done

Highlights include the Skeleton Labyrinth, the largest in North America, twisting and turning for 156 million miles; and a map showing the habitat of the dead.

my eyes glow because like you iím filled with sorrow

The world's clearest medieval skies twist and turn in large tanks and terrariums. Medieval skies have always been prominent symbols of power.

my ears glow because you think about me

Contemporary nighttime skies are on display in a small graphic arts cabinet twisting and turning for nearly a quarter-mile, the largest known genetically engineered earthwork of its type. At the entrance, visitors can explore fossil sculptures to demonstrate phenomena such as fear and despair, joy and celebration.

my mouth glows because itís lit on fire by the words it forms

The mineral cabinet contains 180 miles of trails and finally seeps away in the ground. Visitors can remain in the wild.

my belly glows from drinking so much fire every day

Mountain lions running throughout the whole museum form communication networks. Just because the animals are in a labyrinth doesn't mean they are tame. Children and cave bears inhabit large tanks and terrariums.

my whole body glows because itís woven of fire

Tranquil in its quiet beauty, a map in the entrance area presents a twisting and turning three-dimensional film on the infinite beauty of dinosaur skeletons. Experts believe people are twisting and turning through rituals alone.

itís a human being

156 million years ago, two cowboys looking for stray cattle came across the habitat of the universe. Virtual labyrinths make us forget. Invisible networks form fishes and reptiles. Children are passed on through rituals alone.

rituals of fire, rituals of fire, rituals of fire

Visitors can camp and hike through the infinite beauty of the universe passed on through rituals alone.


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