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How to join Labyrinth in Vienna?

submitted by Lindy C.Y. Shum on 04..2004 at 15:09:31

Dear Sir,

My name is Lindy Shum, and come from Hong Kong. Since 8 years, I have been living in Vienna. As I write this mail to you, of course surely I write poems time by time for myself, but never publicly shown, be honest, my professional is not a poet but a fashion designer. However, today I have read your website; it is very interesting for me.

Please allow me to ask the following question:
1. How can be your member? What kind of qualification that I need to be your member?
2. Do I need to send my poems to you for approval?

If possible, please kindly reply me for the above mail.
Thanks a lot for your attention as well as looking forward to your kindest reply.

Yours Sincerely,
Lindy Shum


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