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Re: A Poet in Vienna

submitted by peter waugh on 03..2001 at 11:48:46

in reply to: A Poet in Vienna submitted by

Theresa Schreieck on 24..2001 at 00:41:44

: Dear Labyrinth,
: I learned of your group through a link from the Virtual Vienna Newsletter and would like to be informed about any current readings/events.

: Theresa Schreieck

dear theresa

thanx for your enquiry.

plse contact me at my own email address, giving me your postal address and I'll put you onto our mailing list for invitations etc

otherwise most events should be presented here on the website.

if you also write poetry in english and are interested in joining labyrinth, please also supply your tel. no. and I'll be in touch.

looking forward to hearing from you.

peter waugh
(labyrinth secretary)


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