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high and writey

submitted by Charlotte Eckler on 15..2002 at 02:45:13

Hi there lab poets. I realised that I never sent my biography so here it is and a poem. Peter: could you fill the blank space under my name with this stuff I'm sending? Thadbecool. Thanks. I'll be around at Christmas. Let me know about the shows & events. It'd be nice to see yall again.


Charlotte Eckler (1967-?) lived in Vienna from 1992-2002 and worked with Labyrinth for several years. She writes poems and news articles in English and German. While in Labyrinth, she began doing collaborative projects with member Lisa Rosenblatt which branched into performance and action-art projects. Currently she is hiding out in Hartford, Connecticut (USA) and continues to write poems and songs. Only a few of her poems, articles and songs have been published/recorded. She usually throws them away and writes new ones (or forgets).

early september

ignoring the tweezed nerve that describes my spine
the waver of a small pom-pom across the aisle
catches my eye—
his wife, having just been served her meal
is attending to their son,
well-mannered but suddenly whiny.
sometimes i stare too long—
so i try not to,
but can't help stealing glances at the black-clad shape
gripping her cover at her neck
while trying to silence the boy.
the perfectly passive husband catches me staring
i take a deep breath—
and release slowly
as the woman removes her cover to eat


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