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Re: Submissions-&who's the other lisa rosenblatt??

submitted by lisa rosenblatt on 16..2002 at 05:03:16

in reply to: Submissions submitted by

Jeremy Keighley on 20..2002 at 15:49:25

: VERSAL, the literary journal of wordsinhere,
invites submissions of poetry, fiction, essay, and review for our premier issue. We are looking for writing that is urgent, involved, and unexpected.


Submissions are due 14 October. Length guidelines: poetry, 5 poems; prose, 4000 words. No simultaneous or previously published submissions. All email submissions should be saved as an '.rtf' file and attached to the email; please title your subject 'submission'. Submissions by post should include a SASE or an email address for reply.


Send to:



Van Hogendorpstraat 123-I

: 1051 BL Amsterdam

: The Netherlands






We are an international collective of writers based in The Netherlands. If you're interested in learning more about us and our projects, please contact Meg at the above email address.
hi my name is also lisa rosenblatt-
have just finished a major poem enititled fair platitude- is currently on display at local art gallery; part of a collaborative effort for an antiwar-propeace show.
what a coinicidence-about the name!!!
p.s. are you interested in my poem-it's approx. 2500 word count?
lisa rosenblatt


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