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truthful poetry

submitted by james antio on 21..2003 at 21:50:24

in reply to: Submissions submitted by

Jeremy Keighley on 20..2002 at 15:49:25

End Game

Yes, it is completely about oil,
to France, Russia and Germany.
History has made strange bed fellows,
the mattress an envied enemy.

“We speak for the children of Iraq.
The ones who will suffer we support.
Oh Dear, too many rallies, no time.
In the child’s best interest let’s abort.”

Hollywood has taken a limo,
to a “No Blood for Oil” protest.
Off should go the idiot box,
if hypocrisy is what you detest.

The former speaks “U.N. Permission.”
On Terror he was “Let’s wait and see.”
Yet, the bombs rained down on Kosovo,
without resolution or decree.

Fifteen, Sixteen, Seventeen and counting,
enough strapless resolutions.
Each only forces Miss America to,
International Prostitution.

Do you have any weapons? Go Fish.
Inspections don’t cut it, never will.
Few token cards placed on the table,
while under, the deck is shuffled still.

Backlash Sleepers strike here and abroad.
A real time blood fest, for the long haul.
The scenarios are worth facing,
to prevent an A-Bomb on the Mall.

No, Saddam links not with Al-Qaeda.
They interpret a different Koran.
Could Anti’s truly be that Naive,
For God’s sake, they have the exact plan.

America, I agonize too,
Someone I love is in the force.
Let us all show support for our troops.
Pray the President steers the right course.


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