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BudaPPPest! Poetry & Performance Picnic

submitted by Heather Hermant on 22..2003 at 13:32:54

Dear fellow English language poets in Vienna!

We are The Bardroom, Budapest's only English language poetry and performance series, held at the Merlin International Theatre. We're quite a bit younger than you. Happy Anniversary. We would like to cordially invite all of you to our Poetry and Performance Picnic, to be held the weekend following your celebration, May 31-June 1 on A38, a converted cargo ship on the Danube. (See

Our event headliners are Adisa Jelani Adwele aka AJA, the premier performance poet or Barbados, who will be collaborating with local percussion players, a DJ and a VJ, and Wednesday Kennedy, an Aussie living in NYC who will present her one woman multimedia poetry show, 'Last Night in New York.' These two in addition to local Hungarian and non-Hungarian poets and performance artists. I will send the complete press release to Peter Waugh, and hope that we may meet and build a connection between our newer series, and yours.

Sincerely yours,

Heather Hermant
The Bardroom
BudaPPPest! Poetry & Performance Picnic


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