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September classes in poetry and shamanism

submitted by Nathan Horowitz on 23..2003 at 11:51:39

Hallo Leute,

The English teacher, poet and student of shamanism
Nathan Horowitz is offering two evening classes
starting in September at the Danube Cultural Institute
in Vienna, one on Shamanism and the other on Poetry.

See below for more information, and/or contact Nathan
and/or the DCIV. Please help us network these events
by forwarding this to others who might be interested.

Stay cool in the heat....




AN INVITATION: DCIV Information / Open Evening on
Thursday, 4 September 2003
In the Theatre at Danube International School (Josef
Gall Gasse 2, 1020 Vienna) starting at 18:00.

Learn about our new adult education course offerings
starting in September 2003. Leaflets will be
available and some of the teachers will there toanswer
any questions you may have.

Special Promotional Offer: For those attending the
Information / Open Evening we would like to offer a
10% discount on the full price of any Adult Education
Courses starting in Fall 2003. Come along and save!

Musical Interlude: The Iris Camaa Group

Below is a partial list of our Adult Education Courses
being offered in the Fall 2003 session:

Intensive German
Body Strength Training
Vienna Secession
Secret Places of Italy
Step up! Fitness
Japanese Origami
Great Paintings
Yoga for Everyone
Life Strategies: Stress Management
Wine Tasting
Group Guitar for Beginners
Adjusting to Life in Vienna
The Business of Acting
Creative Writing
Learning English through Fairy Tales
Intro to Austrian/German Literature
Feng Shui
Shamanism: The Way of Nature
Chinese / Japanese
Spanish / Italian
Reading and Writing Poetry in English
Englishkonversation für Anfanger
Synchronicity as Guidance

Shamanism: The Way of Nature
Target Group: Adults (and older students from 16 years
and over) with a good understanding of English.

Shamanism is the orgin of art, religion, and medicine.
All societies practiced it at one time, and some still
do. In this class we'll learn about shamanism of the
past and trace its influence throughout history. And
we'll look at contemporary shamanism, both in
"traditional" tribal societies and among "modern"
people. We'll observe, and meditate on, nature. And
finally, we'll practice several techniques used by
native shamans of Ecuador from the mountains and the
rainforests. Some of the techniques--wairapanga, sopla
de humo--are for stress reduction, while others--sopla
de trago, relampago, and washashungo--are to give
energy. Nathan Horowitz

"We are all the children of a brilliantly colored
flower, a flaming flower. And there is no one who
regrets what we are." --Huichol Indian song

Day(s) Wednesdays
Time(s) 18:45 - 20:45
No. of Weeks 10
Participation Fee 190.00 (includes materials)
Starting Date Wednesday, 17 September 2003

Reading and Writing Poetry in English
Target Group: Adults and young people (ages 16 and
over) with a good knowledge of written and spoken

This course will follow the typical form of a poetry
workshop. Primarily, we'll study poetry by authors of
the past and present, and we'll read and analyze
students' work, asking, "Is the reader receiving the
message that the author intends to transmit?" Also,
we'll work on our performance skills, and see how this
deepens our appreciation for the material. When we
read poems, we're reawakening a bit of consciousness
that was left there, perhaps long ago. And when we
write, we're leaving a bit of our own souls, and a bit
of our worlds, for others to discover. Nathan

"Somebody showed it to me and I found it by myself."
--Lew Welch (American poet)

Day(s) Mondays
Time(s) 18:45 - 20:45
No. of Weeks 10
Participation Fee 180.00 (includes materials)
Starting Date Monday, 15 September 2003


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