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Re: I would like to know how to get my poems published

submitted by Tarince Macnoil on 19..2003 at 22:42:08

in reply to: I would like to know how to get my poems published submitted by

Lauren Hefferan on 12..2003 at 13:26:56

: Hi,


I have written several poems and would like to know how to go about getting them published. If you could give me some information I would greatly appreciate it. I have attached a copy of two of my poems, I would appreciate any feedback you can give me.


I look forward to hearing from you.


Lauren Hefferan.


: **And Then There Was…**


I was four years old,

: All pink ribbons and fluffy mittens,

: The blood trickled down my knee

: And my bottom lip wobbled dangerously.

: And then there was you.


A shaky hand reached out and grasped mine,

: Pulling me to my ruby slippered feet.

: In one hand you held mine, in the other, a bag of sweets.

: You fished out a love heart and held it out nervously.

: “ Best Friends”

: And then there was us.


I was thirteen years old,

: All love letters and self conscious fidgeting.

: I watched her dance with him,

: My fluttering heart sinking like a weight,

: Overflowing with rejection.


I felt your hand squeeze mine

: As a solitary tear rolled down my cheek.

: I fiddled with the buckle on my dress and when I looked up

: You gave me a smile, and a red lollypop.

: And then there was love.


I was eighteen years old,

: All mini skirts and mascara.

: Cocktails and nicotine ran through our veins

: And we staggered arm in arm in a drunken jig

: Declaring our friendship to the world.


The lights came from no-where,

: I felt your hand leave mine,

: Never to return.

: Your body crumpled like a chocolate wrapper,

: You closed your eyes for the last time,

: And then there was heartache.


You were eighteen years old,

: All crisp white shirt and sleeping.

: I laid a hand on yours and felt the chill of your skin.,

: Unable to utter a sound,

: Unable to shatter the silence, unlike my heart.


I leaned down and kissed you goodnight,

: Trying not to feel the lifelessness of your lips.

: Laying a single red rose on your chest

: And a love heart next to your hand.

: “ Best Friends”

: And then there was me.


: "Save a Rainbow For Me" was written in memory of my older brother who died when i was 12.


: **Save A Rainbow For Me.**


I don’t what to think of you,

: I don’t know what to say,

: But there’s been a dark cloud hanging over me

: Since you went away.


I want to hate you for leaving me,

: Why didn’t you say goodbye?

: Did you really want to hurt me?

: Did you want to make me cry?


If that’s the case I’ll say well done,

: It certainly did the trick,

: Sleepless nights are familiar now

: You’ve had me worried sick.


I know that you can’t call me

: From way up where you are,

: I don’t suppose there’s telephones

: I don’t think they’d reach this far.


I often sit and talk to you

: But I don’t know if you can hear,

: I tell you all my worries

: And share with you my fear.


There’s so much I want to tell you,

: So much I want to know,

: I want to ask you where you are

: And why you had to go.


Are you always watching over me?

: Do I make you feel ashamed?

: I’ve made mistakes that you made

: I guess in some ways we’re the same.


I wish that I had had the chance

: To see you on that night ,

: To hold your hand and say goodbye,

: And kiss you sweet goodnight.


I often thought of joining you,

: When life was getting hard,

: I thought that I could share your cloud.

: Go swinging on your star.


But I know that when I saw you,

: You’d be sure to tell me no,

: You’d tell me that it wasn’t my time

: And you’d tell me “back you go”


You’d tell me not to worry,

: But I’d have to wait my turn,

: That you’d save me a rainbow next to yours

: Till it was my time to return.


“I’ll send the angels down for you”

: I bet that’s what you’d say,

: “They’ll fly you here upon their wings

: But you’ll have to wait for that day.


For right now you have things to do,

: People you need to see,

: But know you’ll never be alone

: Remember you’ve always got me.”


What I’d give to see your smiling face,

: Your eyes of green that shine,

: What I’d give for you to hug me tight

: To feel your hand in mine.


: You may be hidden in my heart,

: A happy memory,

: I may not see or hear you,

: But by my side you’ll always be.


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