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Re: September classes in poetry and shamanism

submitted by carmen braun on 23..2003 at 20:09:43

in reply to: September classes in poetry and shamanism submitted by

Nathan Horowitz on 23..2003 at 11:51:39

i just came across your page; please keep me updated with new courses and info!
Thank you and Merry X-mas, carmen braun


: Hallo Leute,


The English teacher, poet and student of shamanism

: Nathan Horowitz is offering two evening classes

: starting in September at the Danube Cultural Institute

: in Vienna, one on Shamanism and the other on Poetry.


See below for more information, and/or contact Nathan

: and/or the DCIV. Please help us network these events

: by forwarding this to others who might be interested.


: Stay cool in the heat....




: DCIV:,





AN INVITATION: DCIV Information / Open Evening on

: Thursday, 4 September 2003

: In the Theatre at Danube International School (Josef

: Gall Gasse 2, 1020 Vienna) starting at 18:00.


Learn about our new adult education course offerings

: starting in September 2003. Leaflets will be

: available and some of the teachers will there toanswer

: any questions you may have.


Special Promotional Offer: For those attending the

: Information / Open Evening we would like to offer a

: 10% discount on the full price of any Adult Education

: Courses starting in Fall 2003. Come along and save!


Musical Interlude: The Iris Camaa Group

: (


Below is a partial list of our Adult Education Courses

: being offered in the Fall 2003 session:


Intensive German

: Body Strength Training

: Vienna Secession

: Secret Places of Italy

: Step up! Fitness

: Japanese Origami

: Great Paintings

: Yoga for Everyone

: Life Strategies: Stress Management

: Wine Tasting

: Group Guitar for Beginners

: Adjusting to Life in Vienna

: The Business of Acting

: Creative Writing

: Learning English through Fairy Tales

: Intro to Austrian/German Literature

: Feng Shui

: Shamanism: The Way of Nature

: Chinese / Japanese

: Spanish / Italian

: Reading and Writing Poetry in English

: Englishkonversation für Anfanger

: Synchronicity as Guidance


: Shamanism: The Way of Nature

: Target Group: Adults (and older students from 16 years

: and over) with a good understanding of English.


Shamanism is the orgin of art, religion, and medicine.

: All societies practiced it at one time, and some still

: do. In this class we'll learn about shamanism of the

: past and trace its influence throughout history. And

: we'll look at contemporary shamanism, both in

: "traditional" tribal societies and among "modern"

: people. We'll observe, and meditate on, nature. And

: finally, we'll practice several techniques used by

: native shamans of Ecuador from the mountains and the

: rainforests. Some of the techniques--wairapanga, sopla

: de humo--are for stress reduction, while others--sopla

: de trago, relampago, and washashungo--are to give

: energy. Nathan Horowitz


"We are all the children of a brilliantly colored

: flower, a flaming flower. And there is no one who

: regrets what we are." --Huichol Indian song


Day(s) Wednesdays

: Time(s) 18:45 - 20:45

: No. of Weeks 10

: Participation Fee 190.00 (includes materials)

: Starting Date Wednesday, 17 September 2003



Reading and Writing Poetry in English

: Target Group: Adults and young people (ages 16 and

: over) with a good knowledge of written and spoken

: English.


This course will follow the typical form of a poetry

: workshop. Primarily, we'll study poetry by authors of

: the past and present, and we'll read and analyze

: students' work, asking, "Is the reader receiving the

: message that the author intends to transmit?" Also,

: we'll work on our performance skills, and see how this

: deepens our appreciation for the material. When we

: read poems, we're reawakening a bit of consciousness

: that was left there, perhaps long ago. And when we

: write, we're leaving a bit of our own souls, and a bit

: of our worlds, for others to discover. Nathan

: Horowitz


"Somebody showed it to me and I found it by myself."

: --Lew Welch (American poet)


Day(s) Mondays

: Time(s) 18:45 - 20:45

: No. of Weeks 10

: Participation Fee 180.00 (includes materials)

: Starting Date Monday, 15 September 2003


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