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Mike Austin



†10 January 2006
A Cherokee of mixed heritage from Oklahoma (USA), Mike has been living in Vienna since 1990. In Oklahoma he was engaged in social and cultural programs at the Native American Center. In Europe he has been an active member of the Society for Threatened Peoples. Professionally a psychologist and social worker, he also visited schools and universities as poet and lecturer. Co-organizer of the 2001-2 ‘words from the edge’ European tour by indigenous poets. Regularly published essays in human rights magazines, incl. bedrohte völker. His poetry has appeared in the Cherokee Advocate and several anthologies of Native American authors, incl. indigenous voices of the world, (2000), 280 Sprachen für Wien (2001), American Indian Poetry – In the Spirit of Resistance (2001).

Short bibliography:

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Bernhard Schneider/ARCHE, Boehlau Publishing, Vienna, 1999.

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Tous d'Ergué Armel Publishing, Quimper/France, 2000.

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Résistance], Béatrice Machet, Place aux Sens Publishing, Nanterre/France, 2001.




    journey song

    the rhythm of my song
    is more ancient
    than the song itself

    to its flow

    along the river

    as you feel its only truth
    inside of you

    the reason of our journey

© Labyrinth 2008