There’s flowering
Civil relations
Mock reconnections
The march of Ceasars:
Super Dark Ages
There’s arranging
To leave their traces:
They raise their limbs
And spill their whims
Dogs marking spaces
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Camillo Antonio


Austrian citizen, born in the Philippines, schooled in Manila and at the US universities of Colorado and Georgetown. Worked with NGOs on grassroots projects to develop entrepreneurship among disadvantaged groups. Managed UN technical cooperation projects in Africa, Asia and Latin America. He is a committed lyricist: a Filipino Austrian writing from a transcultural Sino-Hispanic and Malayan background. His poems have appeared in Empty Set, Filipinos Abroad and subdream. Collections have been published as Caminante Songs in the Leporello Poem Series, on CD and radio-aired. He has participated at the Naropa University Summer Writing School, poetry schools in Vienna and Prague and at the first International Poetry Festival in Prague. He integrates anti-racist and migrant groups in his performance poetry and directs URBANOMADMIXES, a multicultural band of poets, dancers and musicians who perform at international festivals and support an outreach youth project in a refugee camp in Kenya.


  • Looking for the Glue
    (In a Catch-22)

    There’s leaving for
    Re-living more
    Strained coalitions:
    More packaging
    Hardened positions

    And we wonder what’s new
    When we look for the glue
    In a catch-22

    Some in think-tanks
    Summon the tanks
    To get their ways through
    And others strain
    To train the brain
    Whetting one’s own cue

    Bali hai – Bali hoo...
    What¹s the clue – where’s the glue
    In a catch-22

    A majored bush-game:
    Disarming here
    Re-arming there
    What’s in the new frame

    And we wonder what’s new
    When we look for the glue
    Bali-hai – Bali-hoo
    It’s a catch-22!

© Labyrinth 2008