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Evelyn Holloway

Evelyn Holloway


Evelyn Holloway was born in Vienna in 1955. She left Austria for Oxford in 1972 to study English. In the '70s she also lived in Beirut, Athens and Jerusalem. Her poetry and prose has appeared in the Oxford Poetry Review, Freibord, Podium, Wespennest and Literarität, as well as in the anthologies When the Drink Shop Shuts (Oxford, 1985) and Wie es uns gefällt (Berlin, 1981). Her play Die Puppe was performed in Vienna in 1995. She also writes film scripts, translates literature and is part of the Erstes Wiener Lesetheater, with whom she has produced readings of Beckett, Ionesco, Max Frisch and Thomas Bernhard. She has been a member of Labyrinth since 1998.


  • Beyond the window (Atlantic dream)

    you are always there
    watching outside my window
    waiting to paint my life with moods.
    Basking in the sun
    surrounding me by moonlight with your silken promises
    or more often
    chastising me with
    your angry song
    Today it is your serenity
    and I am watching you,
    home of the myriad schools,
    keeper of time,
    end of a million rainbows
    grinder of rock
    temptress and destroyer of man.
    Oh, you’ll get me soon enough and grind my bones to dust.
    I am but temporal, but today I am the seagull soaring high
    watching for the wave
    that carries the hopes of the silver surfer
    over the horizons
    to a truth that always lies
    a life beyond the window
    and forever just
    an impossible dream

© Labyrinth 2008