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Hillary Keel

Hillary Keel


Hillary Keel was born in 1959, at the edge of the Adirondacks in Herkimer, N.Y. She received a B.A. in German and English before moving to Vienna in 1982, where she now has 2 children, teaches English and writes. At the Schule für Dichtung in Wien she studied with Ann Tardos, Christian Loidl, Anne Waldman and Ed Sanders. A member of Labyrinth since 1995, she has taken part in numerous readings in Vienna and performed together with violinist Doris Audetat. Also organised the Labyrinth readings ‘Landscape’ in the Kunsthalle (1999) and ‘Trains’ at Westbahnhof (2002). Her poetry has appeared in subdream, Tinctur and other magazines. She is the author of the chapbooks Windows and Wool (Vienna, 1999) and Moon Kiss (Vienna, 2002).


Rebirth     Justine & Me     Wind     What I Am

  • Rebirth

    You lick my love-bud
    like a mother cat
    licks her kitten.

    I want to bear another baby, I think,
    to expel from my depths
    to suck on my nipples
    but as long as there’s you
    it doesn’t matter.

    I take your hard rod
    you fill me
    and I rock you
    like a baby
    a dance
    rock you gently
    to show you’re welcome
    to show I’m glad
    to show I want it
    so you will feed me
    fill me to the brim.

    I rock to soothe and ease you on
    till you expel from your depths
    your fuel
    your love-slime
    your seeds
    little fishes
    your creation.

    You thrust it in me
    jerk and twitch
    and I suck it in
    inhale it
    jolt it back and forth
    send it through my veins
    like electroshock
    like eating fruit
    from the tree of knowledge
    or the bread of heaven
    like drinking from the cup
    of salvation
    or the waters of the fountain
    of youth
    like achieving nirvana.

    ©Hillary Keel

© Labyrinth 2000