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Andy Noble


Andy Noble was born in Ayrshire, Scotland in 1969 and studied Psychology and English Language and Literature in Glasgow. He has lived in Vienna since 1997. Presently working as an English teacher and freelance writer, he has worked variously as an architectural draughstman, band roadie, DJ, child psychology researcher and photographer. Was part of the Kitten Frenzy Collective in Glasgow, involved in writing, publishing magazines, producing records and working with various bands. Has had travel writings published in various UK cycling magazines. His poetry won 2nd Prize in the International Poetry Society Competition in 1999. He has been a member of Labyrinth since 1999.



  • The Locus

    Reach centre point
    Fumble dark alleyways
    Painted arrow delves out
    With legs all splayed
    The centre of the heart
    Of the heart of the centre

    Discover each step leads
    You further decanted
    Struggle to find dislocated path
    And formulate a reason
    To ponder alone, rationalise, treason?

    To find the centre
    follow the body locus
    To find the heart, sit down, down low
    And formulate breaths
    To breathe knotted breaths, exhaled,
    Then released

  • Loopy Coil

    Coil of hair
    Spiralling around
    Trace this curl
    Part it at the left
    Take spiralled hair
    And speak of theft
    To lie awake lonely
    With hair curl bereft

  • All sown up

    Stitching unpicked
    Unravels square box
    Inside that box
    Lies wandering lost
    Pull stitching free
    And walls give way
    As wandering lost
    Come back out
    To enter life
    And the daily fray

  • Fractal Graphics

    Fractal graphic
    Curve smooth line
    Enticing spinning top
    Two lines entwine
    Image faces opposite bystander
    Reflection in pupils spiral-hypnotise

    Curves deceptive
    String nailed to wall
    Enter channel, walls stand still
    Decayed and broken,
    the lost deranged
    Out of reality,
    Curves estranged

    Touch smooth curve,
    Follow down depths
    Loose youthful thoughts
    In the image force-fed

    Symmetry echoes beauty
    Red, safe, soft
    Rub face on wall, turn
    Spin once around

    Try to leave ripples,
    Curves get one lost,
    Wandering, unfound
    Crevice invites toes to explore
    Legs tire of journey
    Mind says 'bore'
    Break through walls,
    Follow string home
    Breathe safely at fractals
    Endlessly found door

  • Hear me?

    Ears carry out
    To balancing skill
    To spin out of control

    Panic in lost unwanted will
    White stares back
    Stimulating pupils
    And ears hear outside
    As I'm stuck in this stupor
    Cutting through walls
    Bricks and false mortar
    Cutting hands, cutting elbows,
    bitten quick nails
    The moons on these nails
    Scratch each day on these walls
    Where ears subtly balance
    Cutting out unwanted calls

    I find central station
    Point far from noise
    Where no one can hear me
    And nobody can call

© Labyrinth 2008