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Victoria Oscarsson

Victoria Oscarsson


coming soon


  • bird droppings
    rough circular edge/ /whiter than white/ /white, how white?

    bird droppings
    I love you //isolation white
    grief //Armageddon white
    New Year’s //disinfectant white
    tv on //memory loss white
    home cured gravlax //not white
    dabbed with horseradish cream //traditional white
    dreamt //repetitive white
    courage //to wear white
    bikini underwear //used to be white
    it is raining, not snowing.

    bird droppings
    you put your ‘wheres’ down and thought about staying.
    your ‘hows’ got piled on a blanket you wrap yourself in.
    a corked bottle has long been storing your ‘whys’.
    to face the ‘wheres’.

    bird droppings
    how neatly those clichés are folded into your grandmother’s dispirited leather suitcase.
    how gently you smoothed out wrinkles of despondence and wondered why in the hell you were keeping them.

    bird droppings
    your ancestors’ voices are all your voice.
    you were only planning one word.
    a story is not a story until it is told.
    the mind writes blind texts on white surfaces.

    bird droppings
    salty pearl plastered on your cheek,
    transparent as death when you should have pushed your father there and then through the creamy fog you had both been waiting for
    but you didn’t.

    bird droppings
    reminders of reciprocity to a witness of your newborn steps.
    love tremors between what you know and what you don’t.

    bird droppings
    bleached intellect cleanses ashen thoughts.

    bird droppings
    wronged by wrong, right by wrong.
    wicked witch of the West’s broom wags multi-leveled points of view about reason and function in flight through washing powder white……..

    bird droppings
    you just came back from the open fruit and vegetable market carrying a basket full of whats’ that have never been questioned before, particularly the jerusalem artichokes. how vermilion is the white tuber out of season in need of cleansing for soft boiling, therapist of bodily expulsion with a guarantee of audial digestion.

    bird droppings
    and you might as well ask the whats about what white to use for the wheres in order to know when, how and why to continue the tale you are telling.

    bird droppings
    rough edges//whiter than white//white, how white?


© Labyrinth 2008