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P A S T   R E A D I N G S   1999

December 19th 1999

A Word in Time
7th Millenium Saturnalian Review (= poetry + music + open-mike)
Café Tachles, Karmeliterplatz 1, A-1020 Vienna


September 11th 1999

Poetry in the Park
Afternoon of poetry, music and songs featuring Labyrinth poets work from subdream no. 2, mystery star guest, open-mike (German readers welcome) Theseustempel, 1020, Volksgarten


September 18th 1999

Poetry in the Park


September 4th 1999

Poetry in the Park


June 3rd 1999

A Copy of the Catalogue
(Chapbook available)
New and recent poetry from California by Bill Berkson, ex-New York School, art critic editor of Big Sky magazine, author of Hymns of St. Bridget (with Frank O'Hara) and Blue is the Hero.
Salon, 1020, Praterstrasse 17/Hof rechts


June 19th 1999

Labyrinth Live in Prague at U Panaku
Presenting subdream #2 and new work in progress
U Panaku, Prague 7, Lethohradska 44


April 14th 1999

Edith Sommer/Labyrinth presented Standpunkte/Standpoints
by Edith Sommer (Engl. Translation by Peter Waugh)
Literaturhaus, 1070, Zieglergasse 26A


April 8th 1999 Allen Ginsberg Anniversary Memorial Reading
Salon, 1020, Praterstrasse 17/Hof rechts

March 30th 1999

Poetry Slam


March 26th 1999

Omar Khayyam (Lesetheater + Labyrinth)
Wort & Bild Galerie, 1090, Garnisongasse


Labyrinth poetry
© Labyrinth 1999

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